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Maharashtra State Comission for Women

Special provisions have been made in the Indian Constitution to ensure the protection of woman’s status in the society. In accordance with these provisions, the Government established a State Commission for Woman on the National Commission for Woman, in the year 1993, with the aim of furthering the fundamentals rights guaranteed by articles 14,15 and 16 of the constitution of India with respect to give effect to the Directive Principles of State policy and in particular those enshrined in articles 38, 39, 37A and dignity of woman in society.

            The Maharashtra State Commission for Woman was established on January 25, 1993 under the Maharashtra Act, No. XV of 1993. The Commission consists of the Chairperson; six non-official members; a Member-Secretary and Director General of police as Ex officio member. The Government has sanctioned staff strength of thirty nine for the commission.

International Conference on Women Trafficking

International Conference on Women Trafficking


What We Do...

To Improve the status and dignity of woman in the society.

To investigate into practices unfavorable to woman and suggest suitable remedial measures to them.

To review from time to time the existing provisions of the constitution and other laws affecting woman and recommend amendments thereto so as to suggest remedial legislation measures.

To advise the Government on all matters related to the improvement and upliftment of the status and dignity of woman in society.


They settled my daughter's life. She is really very happy after councilling. May god bless them. Thanks to Rajya Mahila Ayog.

Satyabhama Shinde
Farmer Wife

I Congratulate to Mrs. Vijaya Rahatkar Madam and the team. They really handling the cases with fellow feeling. I really Appreciate the work. Hope the way they are doing the work, the Number of cases will reduce. 

Janhavi Mali

Rajya mahila aayog is doing excellent job by creating the enviornment of equality for the woman. I have seen several cases where they solved the complents without conflicts.Doing really great work. 

Revati Jadhav
House Wife

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