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The commission is a statutory body vested with powers as applicable to the Civil Court in respect of requisitioning of any public record from any Court or office, issuing orders for the examination of witnesses and documents to enforce the attendance of a person to give witnesses and before the Commission for holding an enquiry in any matter, to appoint any officer of the State or Central Government for holding a deleted enquiry into any question woman.


The main focus area identified by the commission is the eradication of violence against woman. As soon as any incident related to the exploitation/molestation/atrocities against woman comes to the notice of the Commission, immediate steps are taken to intervene with the respective Government/police authority in order to ensure that proper investigations are conducted and the offenders prosecuted. A number of cases pertaining to matrimonial matters, property matters, dowry harassment, dowry deaths, rape, sexual harassment at workplace, etc. are being recorded at the commission’s office. In order, to handle cases pertaining to atrocities against woman, the Commission endeavors to offer counseling services to needy woman prior to the commencement of any litigation. For this purpose, a Counseling and Free Legal Aid Center has been established in the Commission’s premises at Mumbai on 18th March 1995.

The counselors of the cell analyses the problem of the woman complainant and decide on the course of action. Under section 12(2) of the Maharashtra Act No. XV of 1993, the counselors summon the concerned party against whom the complaint is and conduct joint meeting of both the parties and also other family members. Police assistance is taken in registering Criminal complaints. In order to reach the woman in distress at district and block places, the Commission has set up counseling cells and free legal aids services to needy woman; thought the Zilla Parishad, Municipal Councils and Corporations. These cells are run by local NGOs recognized by the State Commission, currently there are 298 such counseling centers in the State of Maharashtra. Where required, the victim is placed in a protection institution or referred to family help agencies. She is also referred to other services including medical, Psychiatrist, educational, vocational, and other services, Free Legal Aid is also given the parties are unable to reach an settlement.


  • Suggested amendments in Maharashtra State Commission for Woman Act, 1993.
  • Small Court in the commission’s premises.
  • Compensations scheme for relief and rehabilitation of victim.
  • Suggested amendments in sect. 125 of Cr.P.C.
  • Suggested amendments in Special Marriage Act and Marriage Registration.
  • Directions for police regarding implementation of Protection of Woman from Domestic Violence Act, 2005.
  • Recommendations on Protection of Woman from Sexual Harassment at workplace Act, 2010.
  • Married Woman (property co-ownership) Equality bill.
  • Recommendation to State Government for problems related to NRI marriages.
  • Suggested amendments in law relating ‘Adultery’ Sec.497 of IPC.